Thursday, December 17, 2009

The Birth of Jesus, the Blood of Christ

It was the birth of our Lord a long time ago,
that gave the world hope as it watched Him grow.
He turned into a man, and of Him it was heard,
that he healed the masses as he preached God’s Word.
He healed so many, and brought back the dead.
When he spoke God’s word “it burned” they said.

He turned the world upside down and changed it for good,
but the powers that were didn’t think that he should.
He was arrested and tried and nailed to the cross.
For a moment believers thought all had been lost.
His blood flowed down from His head, hands and feet.
When He died many thought He had met His defeat.

Laid in a cave His body rested there.
Those who followed Him were in great despair.
But on the third day, with resurrection power He arose.
Witnessed by hundreds He had escaped death’s hold.
He ascended on high so that we might live,
And in His place the Holy Spirit did He give.

Away in a manger long ago a baby lay.
But as a man, for the world’s sins did he pay.
By the blood and the cross our redemption was gained.
This Man with His love, removed sins stain.
And now we celebrate our great Saviour’s birth.
But by His death and resurrection we are given great worth.

©2009 Herb Fogler