Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Cold Case Christianity by J. Warner Wallace - The case for the gospel truth

I just finished this remarkable book written from the perspective of a cold-case detective.

J. Warner has served as a police officer and cold-case detective for nearly 25 years. Jim's experience has taught him that truth is always tied directly to evidence. A conscientious and vocal atheist until he was 35 years old, Mr. Wallace used his expertise as a cold-case detective to take a serious look at the evidence for the Christian Worldview.

This book is about that journey and the evidence he examined along the way. Remarkably documented and convincingly presented, this book demonstrates a logical path to an inevitable conclusion. As a Christian, I have heard many arguments from people who don't believe. They say that the Bible was written by men and is flawed and contradictory. By the time I finished reading Mr. Wallace's book, I couldn't see how any logical person could come to that conclusion. Cold Case Christianity is a well thought out and brilliant case for the truth of the New Testament and a must read for those claiming that it is false. Cold Case Christianity is also a good faith building read for those of us who are already "Christian Case Makers".

J. Warner created and built the website, blog and podcast as a place to post and talk about what he discovered related to the evidence supporting Christianity.

My Rating: 5 Star