Friday, December 25, 2015

Christmas Dream

I dreamed last night. (Christmas Eve) I dreamed of a gift. Two large diamonds in a beautiful setting were given to me by an anonymous person. They were worth a large sum of money. One diamond was beautiful and perfect. It radiantly reflected its beauty. The second diamond was mostly beautiful except for a dark hole in it. I hid the jewelry for a time and when I retrieved it, the worth had doubled. Also the hole in the flawed gem was a bit smaller and had improved in beauty. This is where the dream ended. I woke up and wondered at my dream. What could that mean?

God showed me His meaning. The Christmas gift of the Christ child is two parts for us in simplicity. The value is beyond money, but God used monetary value in my case to help me understand the symbolism. The perfect beautiful diamond is Jesus’s sacrifice on the cross for us and His resurrection. It is the work done to present us to the Father as perfect flawless gems. The second diamond represents the work He is doing to sanctify us. Through our intimate relationship with God, the Holy Spirit transforms and beautifies us and makes us more like Jesus.

So the dark spot I saw on the second diamond is where I am, in the sanctification process. The spot got smaller, meaning more of Him and less of me. This wonderful fantastic walk with Him is worth every step. Over time He has made me braver, stronger, more loving, gentler, and more obedient to His will. There was a time I feared losing myself if I allowed more of Him to be formed in me. I see now that He is restoring us to that lovely relationship that He had with Adam and Eve that prospered in the garden before the fall of mankind. That relationship with God was purer, sweeter and more innocent than the religious one men try to have today.

We need to stop asking what we can do to find God’s favor. We need to look at what He has done to save us and have a relationship with us. It isn’t the works we do that bring us closer to Him. It is the work that Jesus did to restore us to Him and make a relationship with God, the greatest treasure you will ever know. This isn’t possible without accepting the sacrifice of Jesus on the cross for you. 

Thank You Jesus for Your precious gift on this Christmas day!