Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Guest Post - Frank Steck on Gay Marriage

I was on Facebook today, and noticed an abundance of “equal signs” in support of same-sex marriage. People are lining up on one side or the other. Since the issue is hot at the moment, let me tell you where I stand.
     Do I think two people of the same sex that are in a relationship should be afforded the same legal rights as a heterosexual couple? Certainly. Should there be a legal vehicle by which a person can take over a partner’s Social Security upon the death of his/her life partner? Absolutely. Should couples be allowed to enter into contracts like married couples? They do it every day, in cities and states across the nation. I think the Congress and the legal community should look for a legal way to make this happen. Let’s call it a life union. This is where most of you and I are probably in agreement. And this is where the line gets drawn in the sand.
     Do I think a same-sex couple should be able to walk into a church and be married by a pastor, priest or rabbi that has sworn an oath to uphold the covenants of God, and be called married? Not in this lifetime. And any person of the cloth who would do that will be held to more accountability when he/she stands in judgment than the people he marries. The Bible states, in paraphrase, “To whom much is given, from him much is expected.” The more they know, the more accountable they are when they don’t obey.
     The modern generation looks at the Bible as a movable, changeable collection of stories, whose morals and teachings must change with the times. Of course they look at the Constitution the same way. I on the other hand look at the Bible as the inspired Word of God dictated to man as His rule book. As God always was, is, and always will be, so are the teachings in His Book. I can show numerous verses in the Old and New Testaments that testify that homosexuality is detestable in the eyes of God. I defy anyone to show me one verse to the contrary. The Bible is not a menu in a Chinese restaurant. You can’t pick one from column A and two from column B. You take it all, or you deny it all. It’s like you can’t be a little bit pregnant. You are or you’re not. The Bible is forever. Read Revelation 22:18-21.
     Does God hate homosexuals? Not at all. He loves them, but he doesn’t like what they do. When my cousin was maybe five, he did something that his mom didn’t like, and she yelled at him. I was there and was privileged to witness what went next, and I used it as an example in Bible School last summer. He got all weepy and crawled up next to his mom and said, “Don’t you love me any more, mommy?” to which his mom replied, “I will always love you, but some times I don’t like you.”
     Do I hate homosexuals. Not at all. I have friends who are gay. As a Christian, it is not my place to judge, nor is it my duty to get in their faces and tell them they are going to hell. But, if one were to come to me and ask me what I thought of their homosexuality, I would tell them honestly that what they are doing is an affront to the teachings of the Lord, but that they are loved by Him. Then I would refer them to someone much more learned and capable than I to counsel them on what the Bible says.
     The true Christian shows more forgiveness than will ever be shown by the liberal media. Unfortunately, the true Christian is portrayed as being like the funeral crashers from Westboro Baptist Church and the like-minded. I will love the sinner. I will not, however apologize for standing up for the Word of God. The U.S. Supreme Court might well be the highest court in the land, but my Judge holds infinitely more power. The Supreme Court's power is temporary, but my Judge's power is eternal.
     The line has been drawn in the sand, and God is taking an accounting of His side. That’s one side I plan to be on.

Mark Burnett on miraculous ’The Bible’: ’Weird things happened during filming’

Mark Burnett on miraculous ’The Bible’: ’Weird things happened during filming’

Sunday, March 24, 2013

Encrypted by Carolyn McCray

I loved the characters in this book. They were larger than life and the romantic connection between Zach and Ronnie while a bit strained at times kept you guessing and intrigued to see if it could all work out.

There were plenty of plot twists and exciting action scenes with death defying heroics! What a great thrill ride! The ending was great. I will not give away anything, but I will recommend this book to tech/thrill loving readers. Carolyn McCray has quite a franchise to look forward to in this series.
Encrypted: An Action-Packed Techno-Thriller (Book 1 of the Robin Hood Hacker Series)

Friday, March 22, 2013

Gray Justice by Alan McDermott

Tom Gray is a character fashioned from the past! A man's man with a code of ethics that is rare in today's society. I love this character. He cares about the world he lives in and desires to right the wrongs of a corrupt justice system. His plan seems so foolproof with every contingency carefully measured and yet he has overlooked what he couldn't have possibly planned for.

This story would resonate in so many modern cultures today. Tom is a suffering hero that the world is crying out for. The bad guys are supposed to be the good guys and have lost their way. Tom is just trying to right the course of the ship, and show them true justice. Gray Justice is an engaging book that will make you wish that someone like Tom Gray would step up and say enough!

Gray Justice (Tom Gray #1) - At Amazon (US)

Velvet Rain by David C. Cassidy

Velvet Rain reminds me in a way, of one of my favorite TV series, Kung Fu. The main character Kain is a lot like the character of Kwai Chang Caine in the series. He is kind and merciful, only using his powers for good to lessen the suffering of others. He moves on when his welcome is worn out and he reaches out to some unknown goal.

His power? The ability to locally turn back time. It will set your mind to thinking in a myriad of ways.

 I enjoyed this book with all of its plot twists and turns. While a bit dark and gory at times, it did not disappoint in depth of feeling and mystery. The bad guys are really evil and twisted and you will love to hate them! A great page turner that would make a great movie. I recommend it to people who like thriller/mysteries.