Wednesday, April 22, 2015

The Third Heaven: The Birth of God by Donovan Neal

I think what makes Donovan Neal's writing so unique, is his ability to take scripture, early Hebrew writings and folklore and put them together in a thrilling plausible story written from a heavenly viewpoint. Handling time and theological mystery with aplomb, he gives us a glance into what an angel might view and feel.

I love the personalities and attributes of the different types of angels and the explanation of the ongoing war between Heaven and Satan's fallen angels. This was a fun read and in no way should we look at this book as revelation or scripture, though its contents are loosely based on scripture. As stated by the author this is speculative Christian fiction. You can't help but wonder at the things we cannot see and the longing in our hearts for the unknown back-story that frames the history of mankind. We know that God loves us, and yet to trust Him sometimes is so hard. We see the same problem with many of the angels in this story.

The character of Enoch is also very interesting and knowing the Old Testament we know that he did not die as other men but was brought to heaven because of his close walk with God. In this book he is given life and character. If he is anything like he is portrayed in this book I can see why God took him without death.

All in all this was a very satisfying romp through the imagination and story telling prowess of Mr. Donovan Neal. I would recommend this series to anyone who enjoys Christian Speculative Fiction. It is a real treat to look at heaven from a different viewpoint and let your imagination go! I am eagerly awaiting the third book of the series.

5 Stars

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