Thursday, November 26, 2015

The cross is better than any black Friday deal...

 The cross is better than any black Friday deal you can think of. On that black Friday Jesus willingly gave His life to pay for all the sins of humanity. The cross is not a black Friday lightning deal or a stand in a line to get a fantastic price on big-screen TV deal. The cross deal is not limited by human constraints. It is the price already paid to ransom us from a lifetime of sin and guilt! It is the power of God to save! The love of God displayed! The depth of His power and care shown to His creation. He brings us back to the garden relationship that Adam and Eve had with Him before the great fall of man. He restores and heals and extends His scepter of mercy to His children to come and sit at His table and dine! Wow! It is far better than Amazon or Walmart, more extravagant than Neiman Marcus! The cross opens the way to the greatest treasure the World has ever known. To know and experience His love on this Thanksgiving day is what I live for. So if you ask me what I am thankful for today, I think you know how I will answer! Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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